Sunday 17 August 2014

Selly Oak Draft Supplementary Planning Document


Now is our opportunity to comment on the Draft Supplementary Planning Document that will set the guidance for planning decisions for the next few years in Selly Oak - possibly between 10-20 years. 

It is the replacement for the Local Action Plan.

This is a link to the SPD itself for you to read on-line.

A copy is also available to read at Selly Oak Library. 
Comments can be submitted on-line at a link found on this page (scroll down for the actual link)

Please take the time to read the document and provide your comments to the council. 

Things to consider are: 

  • Boundary of the area covered by the document.
  • Sites for development in the area that are not included. (Only once the builders move onto a site to action approved plans is a site no longer considered available)
  • groups not mentioned who have a role in Selly Oak e.g. Landlords 
  • There are sections on HMOs (private lets); public realm features, traffic management.
How it is delivered is an opportunity for the community as a whole to work together creating a set of local priorities and this is something CP4SO will be looking to do over the coming months. 

Consultation on the SPD ends on 17th October 2014.

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