Saturday 15 March 2014

Public meeting and AGM

7th April, 6:30pm. Scout Hut, Gibbins Rd.

Updates on Major Developments
Update on Sense / Dingle site
Houses in Multiple Occupancy - Article 4
Local Sustainable Transport Fund

The city council plan to introduce a 20mph limit on Residential Rds and also on the Bristol Rd in Bournbrook. However Gibbins Rd will remain at 30mph.

The city have pressed ahead with the expansion of St Mary's School and the opening of the University School on Weoley Park Rd but have not made any adjustments to the local roads to allow for the extra traffic and parking.

Concerned about traffic levels and parking in the Selly Oak St Mary's Neighbourhood? Complete our survey here and come to the meeting. You can also add comments to this post (click on the [no] comments link below).


  1. As a resident of Gibbins Road I am concerned about the volume, weight capacity and speed of the traffic on Gibbins Road. Since the development of the QEHB heavy vehicles have have used Gibbins Road as a short cut, my own home has suffered a broken window that coincided with a very heavy vehicle travelling at speed past it. I would like to see a weight restriction of 10T for Gibbins Road along with some additional traffic calming. St Marys School ignored local residents concerns about additional traffic problems with their expansion and over the next 4 years this will be compounded as a new class is added every year, would it have been to much for the headteacher to try and negotiate a bit of good will from the landlord of the Bear & Staff for people to use the car park without the threat of clamping? I foresee more traffic issues with University School building project starting soon followed by the additional transport and logistics needed to support it, 47 parking spaces is not enough for the staff let alone any additional needs. What will happen when there is a game of rugby on the new pitch clashing with a school event?

  2. I am a resident of Gibbins Road and its sad that few motorist not have sense of driving, no respect for pedestrian. At times no stopping on zebra crossing. Even at times speed limit is more than 30 mph. Control is required to avoid any fatality, may be by reducing speed limit to 20 mph or by introducing Speed bumps on Gibbins Road. I wrote letter to Birmingham City Council on 10th December 2013 indicating above issues and got letter from District Services - Selly Oak indicating "Gibbins road is already having calming measures like pedestrain refuges and road markings financial constraint only allow a fraction of demands for traffic calming measures to be met. Based on this Gibbins Road will not receive high enough priority when compared with other roads or location due to less accident histories."

    I will support this Survey and in favour of getting speed reduced. Instead paying Council Tax, Council is ignoring their responsibility to make Gibbins Road a safer road for both motorist and pedestrian especially school kids during school time.

  3. I live on Frederick Road and I am concerned about the speed of traffic and the amount of cars at school times. We have two schools and a nursery along the road which have a mass of cars/ vans going to and from them at peak times. Also because the road is wide and straight cars feel they can speed down the road. I believe that it needs a 20mph speed limit as well as speed bumps to help reduce the problems. The other problem is school traffic parking anywhere they wish (including over residents driveways) which can be a nuisance to say the least. I hope the council begin to listen to us and realise that our roads need attention too before an accident occurs.