Friday 6 December 2013

University School - Send Council your response by 10th December 2013

We have until 10th December to send comments to the Council Planning Committee about the University's plans for the new school on Weoley Park Road.
Responses must only relate to planning issues if it is to be considered by the Planning Committee:
Think about the following points:
·         Impact to additional traffic on surrounding roads e.g. Weoley Park Road, Bristol Road, Gibbins Road, Weoley Hill etc.  
·         Increased traffic flow at peak hours on already congested roads - currently the plans only expect a small % increase so don’t see the need to cater for any additional issues - is that what you see around schools at peak drop off and pick up times.  
·       Have you tried to go down Lodge Hill Road when St Mary's is finishing for the day - this school will have around 3 times the number of pupils so 3 times the number of cars at peak times – and during parent evenings etc.  
·         Impact of parking on Weoley Park Rd access roads and neighbouring roads  
·         Closure to all school traffic of the Fox Hill entrance to the site
Request: The Planning Committee to defer the planning application, subject to a Members site visit and discussion with the local residents
Respond by:
·        Email: using the
‘Planning Online’ tool using reference 2013/08357/PA
·        By Post to: Planning and Regeneration, PO Box 28 Birmingham B1 1TU, quoting the same reference number as above
The proposed catchment areas are out of scope of the planning committee so any comments on these will be ignored.