Tuesday 21 May 2013

Still time to comment on Sainsbury's proposals

There is still time to comment on the Sainsbury's proposals. We have been informed at BCC will now accept comments up to the 31 May. See our links above on how to comment.

The developers plans are currently on display in the Sainsbury's store in Selly Oak. We note that the Key to the main diagram hides the Service Yard that will front onto the Bristol Rd and also the disabled access and lifts from that road and the rail station. It also does not make the height (16 storeys) of the Student Residence   block clear. Finally it does not clearly show that pedestrian access along he green walkway linking Gibbins Rd to the Bristol Rd will go under the Sainsbury's building and that this underpass will be part of the disabled access from the Bristol Rd. We explain the plans, as fully as we are able, on this website.

The Sainsbury's display will be staffed as follows:
23/5 4-6
24/5 4-7
30/5 4-6
31/5 4-7
6/6 4-6
7/6 4-6
8/6 10-1

Questions worth asking:
What happens to the green walkway when it reaches the Sainsbury's Store?
How will disabled users gain access to the site from the Bristol Rd?
Where will the Sainsbury's service yard be located?
How high will the student residence be?
Where will the estimated 100 students with cars park their cars?
How might the Dudley No 2 Canal be reinstated, how will it connect to the main canal?
Why are better links not being made to Battery Retail Park?