Monday 15 April 2013

Second Public Meeting: 6:30pm Mon 22nd April, Scout Hut

Is this the future of the Bristol Rd?
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We do not object to the site being used for a mixed development with a supermarket, retail park and Life Science Campus. However there are many poor features in the proposed plans. For example the new Sainsbury's store for Selly Oak will have its service yard on the Bristol Rd, opposite the rail station where the Birmingham Battery and Metal Works offices used to be.

Come and discuss this and other features of the latest plans (now submitted) at a public meeting on Mon 22nd April, 6;30pm, Scout Hut, Gibbins Rd. Copies of key documents and diagrams related to the plans will be available to view. Help us to construct an objection to the plans and tell us what you like about the plans so we can support those aspects.


  1. Wait. You're already planning to reject it when you haven't even discussed it? Good grief. This is never going to be done built with that attitude.

  2. That’s not so. We had a public meeting in February to discuss the latest plans. Most of the 100 people at that meeting expressed concerns about them which we passed on to the developers along with some positive suggestions for improvements. The developers ignored these comments and suggestions and submitted the plans with out any adjustments. Now that the plans have been submitted members of the public have just 30 days to comment. The plans are 100’s of pages long and are very difficult to download. The purpose of this second meeting is to allow as many local residents as possible to see the plans BEFORE sending in any comments.

    If anyone is delaying this development it is the developers and the council not us. Sainsbury’s have had outline planning permission for a perfectly acceptable plan since about 2001. This plan is best represented by its 2007 revision. They won’t build that plan as it would now be too expensive or the return available. In 2011 they consulted widely on a new plan and we negotiated with them to make improvements to it before it was submitted in Feb 2012. There were still a number of reservations but many were in favour of this plan. However, the council have refused to make any determination on it although it remains an active plan. The latest plan (which we call Dec 2012) is the worst of all three plans. Just because there has been a 10 year delay in building on this site does not mean that Selly Oak has to accept the latest plan.

    As I said the purpose of Monday’s meet is to help people to view and discuss the plans before making submitting a comment and before we decide our final position.