Selly Oak Pledge

The Selly Oak Pledge* is a scheme to empower local long-term residents to make an individual commitment to protecting Selly Oak. Residents taking the Silver Pledge will not rent out their property as a shared house (a house in multiple occupancy). Those taking the Gold Pledge also commit to not selling their property to a landlord. The list of pledge takers will be used in our responses to planning consultations and planning applications to indicate the degree of feeling against the spread of houses in multiple occupancy in the ward. It will also be used in press releases. The hope is that the pledge will strengthen our hand in discussions and strengthen the resolve of the City Council to limit shared rented housing in the Article 4 area and to limit the spread of very large rented houses in the Bournbrook area. 

You can take the pledge online here and also download a copy of the pledge card sown below to display in your front window.

Selly Oak Pledge Card. Copyright Community Partnership for Selly Oak. Can be freely used by those resident in Selly Oak, Birmingham for public display.

*The Selly Oak Pledge is not legally binding.