Local Action Plan

The Local Action Plan for Selly Oak describes the kinds of developments that are acceptable in the ward. The full text can be found at the above link but the key points are as follows:

Paragraph 7.12
 "New development should be concentrated within or, where this is not possible, on the edge of the existing Selly Oak centre. In addition it should:
  • be integrated within the existing centre, with main entrances close to Bristol Rd and windows (with lively window displays) linked to the centre and fronting onto main roads/walkways/pedestrian routes and canals to create visual interest and activity at street level; and
  • be of appropriate scale in relation to the size and function of Selly Oak centre (the scale and type of development should be consistent with the objective of sustaining and enhancing the existing Bournbrook shopping centre as a vital and viable centre."

Paragraph 7.13
 "Birmingham Battery site and adjoining retail park.
This site provides an opportunity for retail use as part of a mixed use scheme. The scale of retail development and extent of the site occupied will need to have regard to the following:

a) the need to ensure that enough land is left for high technology business uses to meet the requirements of the A38 Corridor Strategy and the Birmingham Plan.
b) the need to comply with the policies for the natural environment of managing change in a positive way and securing appropriate provision for linear open space walkways and areas of nature conservation value within the site."

Paragrah 12.4 Point 2
"Ease of Movement - short, direct, well lit public routes that are simple to understand should link with each other to ensure a network of connected spaces, which allow people to move safely and easily throughout the area and into the proposed network of walkways, public spaces and transport corridors. The segregation of pedestrian and vehicle routes should generally be avoided and building frontages should overlook public routes to encourage natural surveillance. All new buildings, car parking, public spaces etc. should be designed to accommodate the needs of all users, including the access needs of people with mobility difficulties and cyclists."

Paragrah 12.4 Point 3
"Active Building Layouts - public spaces should be lined with continuous active building fronts with front doors and windows onto streets, pedestrian routes (including the linear open spaces) and the canal, to ensure lively frontages, visual interest at ground floor level and reductions in crime (as well as fear of crime)"

"Retail Plaza - This will focus on a new public square adjacent to Bristol Road and the Worcester & Birmingham canal and should be provided as part of the development of new retail/leisure uses on [... the] Birmingham Battery Site. It will create a new pedestrian focus for Selly Oak Centre and help to integrate new retail development with the centre. It should connect Selly Oak shopping centre with the new Retail Park and the Worcester & Birmingham canal via a new pedestrian bridge over the canal, which then connects to a pedestrian access route beneath the railway arches. This new pedestrian access route should also link through the new retail area alongside the former Dudley No. 2 Canal. The Plaza should open up views of the Worcester and Birmingham canal and provide the opportunity to enhance it and bring it into positive use. The plaza should have pedestrian access from Bristol Road and access from the Worcester and Birmingham canal onto Bristol Road should also be secured."

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